Do you own a camera but don't know how to use it or your photographs need some improvement ?


Well, here at KCT Photo Training we can help utilising our many years of experience to teach you everything you need to know about your camera, composition and taking great photographs.


We offer 1 to 1 tuition, at your home and on location so you can create lasting memories

for many years to come.


Established for over 15 years KCT Photography now specialise in school and nursery photography. We were for many years a sought after photographer for family portraits and weddings but retired from this arena three years ago to concentrate on our schools and nursery photography.



Camera Skills


Everything you need to know about your camera including focus modes, low light metering, use of flash and low light photography.





How to compose your image, what to look for, exposure settings and focusing.





How to take great portraits - both single and family groups including composing family groups. Many tips to achieve fantastic photographs.



Computer Skills


Transferring your photographs to a computer, backing up and editing of images. 



What Will You Learn ?



A typical 1 to 1 day of tuition will start with meeting up at your home or you can visit us in Grimsby.


Over a coffee, we'll go through the camera. What all the buttons do, where to change settings - basic camera skills.


We will briefly discuss exposure and metering modes - looking at what is best for different situations, when and how to use flash, how to use the ISO settings to make the best of situations and white balance.


Whilst in doors we'll do some portrait photography and skills for indoor photography.


We will then go to a few different locations to go through all settings on the camera. We'll explain what shutter and aperture priority are and how to manually set up and use your camera. We'll look at aperture settings and composition of both landscapes and people.


You'll use your camera throughout so by the end of the day you will be able to use all the buttons and settings to meet every situation you'll come across. If you don't use them at least you'll know what they'll do.


Finally we'll return to your home or our office. You'll learn how to copy images from your camera, best ways to store and backup your photographs and time permitting will finish with some editing. Finally we'll get your booked in for your refresher training in 1-2 weeks time.


Before we meet again, we'll expect you to go out and use your camera, take lots of photographs and enjoy the skills you've have been taught.


At the refresher traning we'll have a quick overview, look at your photographs and improve where we can and go over anything you have forgotten or struggled with. We'll also spend some time on the computer editing images.




1 to 1 Camera & Photography Tuition


Full day 1 to 1 tuition - approx 8 hours

to include 3 hour refresher 1 to 2 weeks later.


£150 to include travelling within 35 mile of Grimsby.

Additional miles at 45p / mile.



1 to 1 Computer Editing


4 hours of indepth photo editing 


£75 to include travelling within 35 miles of Grimsby

Additional miles at 45p / mile


If you do not own a DSLR camera, some elements of the tuition will be limited to what your camera can do. 



To start your journey in Creating Memories To Last A Lifetime, simple click on Check Availability below to check our availability and then click on 'Book Now' to book your date.